About Insurance Claims and Litigation Consultants, LLC

Consultation On Complex Coverage, Bad Faith Claims And Litigated Matters

Rick Hammond, President of ICLC, has the unique experience and the qualifications essential to understand, define and evaluate complex coverage issues and extra-contractual exposures that a carrier may be facing, and to effectively use this experience to offer pre-suit legal counsel, supervise the factual investigation and assist with effecting a resolution of hotly-contested claims.

With more than 40 years of industry and legal experience on a broad spectrum of insurance matters, including service with the Illinois Insurance Department and numerous aspects of claim handling practices and cases involving claims of bad faith and extra-contractual issues. Mr. Hammond can provide the inside knowledge and properly analyze virtually every type of insurance coverage issue and bad faith exposure, and coordinate broad-based national litigation in an effective and cost-conscious approach.

Expert Witness On Matters Involving Insurance Industry Customs And Practices

An expert witness must be able to survive a Daubert challenge have the ability to understand when a question or issue falls outside their area of expertise, and must base their opinions on industry experience, knowledge of its customs and practices, and in an independent, impartial and unbiased manner.  Mr. Hammond has the background, trial experience and unique capability to help jurors understand complex and nuanced information with a sense of objectivity and credibility and integrate with the legal team to enhance the strength of the entire case.

Mr. Hammond has provided expert witness services and testimony on behalf of both insurers and corporate policyholders on numerous claims and lawsuits involving insurance coverage, bad faith, agent-broker liability, insurance regulations, industry customs and practices, and on matters pending throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, UVI.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation And Arbitrations Involving Insurance Coverage Disputes

The mediation or arbitration of cases involving coverage issues requires the retention of someone that is both an expert on insurance law and extensive experience with ADR.  Thus, before parties are willing to consider settlement, they must feel that their interests are truly understood, and that understanding can only be gained with the level of industry background and coverage experience that Mr. Hammond brings to the table; and who can make insight rulings or reframe problems and float creative solutions.

As a former hearing officer for the Illinois Department of Insurance, combined with industry experience and ongoing service as an insurance law professor and trial attorney on complex insurance coverage and bad faith matters; whether it’s arbitration or mediation, Mr. Hammond has the unique experience and the qualifications necessary to understand, define and evaluate any coverage issues and extra-contractual exposures that are allegedly in dispute, and to facilitate an expeditious end to protracted litigation.  In addition to having been involved in a hundred or more mediations and arbitrations, Mr. Hammond has lectured extensively and authored numerous related articles on this subject.

What Makes ICLC Unique? Experience And Reputation!

  • Illinois Department of Insurance Regulator
  • Loyola University – Insurance Law Professor
  • Nationally Recognized Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Trial Attorney
  • Property Claims Examiner – Allstate Insurance Company
  • Life, Health, Property and Casualty Broker
  • Executive Director of a National Insurance Trade Association
  • Past-President of the Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel
  • Numerous Honors, Awards and Distinctions

Our Clientele

We service insurance companies, insured and self-insured corporations. Our clients of all varieties, in many industries and locations, entrust us with high-stakes cases including allegations of insurance bad faith and violations of insurance industry standards. With his record of favorable results, Mr. Hammond regularly demonstrates his intricate knowledge of litigation and trial practices and other essential skills that protect our clients’ interests.