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COMMENTS – NOMINATED FINALISTS: LexisNexis Insurance Law Center Person of the Year 2008


  • Rick Hammond is reliable, professional, knowledgeable, articulate and a gentleman.
  • It’s an honor to support Rick Hammond for this recognition.  His insights into the often-complex aspects of insurance law have been shared with thousands of insurance fraud investigators for years, bringing clarity to issues and resolving concerns which would otherwise impede the search for truth in insurance claims. We are truly fortunate to have Rick Hammond as an author and an advisor and a counsel and a legal representative of insurers.
  • I have known Rick Hammond for about 10 years now.   He is dedicated, patient, smart, quick witted and intelligent.  His dedication to fraud and continuing education to adjusters is second to none.  It is my honor to be able to work and learn from him.
  • Rick Hammond is a trusted advisor and counselor on insurance/SIU matters. He has worked as both a mentor and an educator of Insurance Professionals. He clearly communicates his insights and knowledge. He is an effective litigator. Above all else, he is an honorable man.
  • Rick Hammond is reliable, professional, knowledgeable, articulate and a gentleman. He deserves this accolade for all he has done for IASIU and our quarterly publication SIU TODAY.
  • Rick’s dedication to providing defense to carriers where fraudulent claims were being presented is well known. Rick provided our organization’s magazine with a legal update in every edition (4 times a year) on what was topical in case law about fraudulent claims and how to handle them.  He is a gentleman, a scholar and above all an attorney dedicated to eradicating fraud where he can and by the law.  One of Rick’s specialties is the Appraisal Clause.  For many years, Rick has been invited to share his expertise in this area at our annual conference.  In 2008, our organization had over 2,500 registered attendees at its annual conference thanks in large part to volunteers such as Rick Hammond.  I found Rick to have a well-balanced view of the world and the law. That is to say he understood that the world did not revolve around the practice of law, but realized the purpose law served in a well-crafted, civilized approach to solving the world’s problems.  To that end, he has the temperament needed in an adversarial profession to best serve the interests of justice and equity.